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tech&junk UPDATE 2017

Welcome to tech&junk 2017 Update! We've got a flurry of changes and adjustments to go through, so let's get to it!

As some of you know, right at the end of 2016, the tech&junk channel was accepted into the Twitch Partnership program. This was fabulous news for several reasons including giving you the ability to alter the video quality of the stream to suit your connection speed and the ability to subscribe through Twitch for the first time. 

tech&junk has grown and come this far thanks in large part to the existing Patreon Subscription system and the individuals that have supported this community from day one. The Patreon Subscription is not going anywhere. In fact, in light of the partnership with Twitch, it will be evolving and enhanced further. 

Changes to the Patreon Subscription will be as follows:
- The base point allowances will be increased across the board starting at 3500p for Bronze, 7000p for Silver, 14000p for Gold and 28000p for Legendary. This is part of a general re-mapping of the algorithm guiding the channel's points system and to allow even greater ability to interact with the channel on your terms.
- No longer will there be an option through Patreon to receive rewards below the $4 threshold. This is for a number of reasons: 
1) The monthly Newsletter is going to be published on rather than emailed to subs only.
2) As the number of Patreon subscribers has grown, so have the payment delinquencies, frustrating efforts to adequately manage monthly rewards in a timely manner. This is more so a wrinkle of Patreon in general rather than our community, but as it grows and anticipating time constraints in the future - suspending the Basic Member Subscription will come into force immediately. That said, existing Basic Members will retain all rewards and continue to receive allowances until they unsubscribe or their payment information is declined. Grandfathered FTW!

-No longer will tech&junk T-Shirts and Sweatshirts be offered as part of Patreon Subscription rewards. 
-The option for a basic tech&junk Keychain, in leu of PS4 decals, will be available at all subscriber levels.
-tech&junk Mugs will be offered for the first time as Rewards to Gold and Legendary tiers of Membership.
- Legendary Members that retain membership will be eligible to receive new rewards every 5 months. This will include exclusive items not openly available elsewhere.
- The MARs program will be suspended until the channel is no longer operating at a loss. Rest assured, it will return the moment we get to that point! (The cards are cool!)
Now to explain the perks of the Twitch Subscription!
Twitch Subs will receive the following:
- Ad-Free Viewing
- Access to tech&junk exclusive Channel Emotes | (tnjNotaguy + tnjStrugglebus + tnjTurtleExplosion are the first!)
- Loyalty Badge denoting your Sub Status in the Chat
- Input Priority on New Emote creation
- 50% Bonus to all points earned in the channel. You will earn 1.5p per minute versus the 1p per minute of everyone else.

Additionally, all Moderators in the tech&junk Channel will receive 500p per month as a thank you for their constant vigilance and general savagery in the Chat. Cheers to you Mods! 
Finally, in partnership with TeeSpring, tech&junk is finally going to be able to offer T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and Hoodies outside of any Subscription. Every Month will feature new designs and features - the community will even be able to vote on a few! In addition, a portion of the sales will be directly donated to several charities our community is passionate about! Thank you for your patience - we finally got there! 

Now to the Point-Driven Commands! Here are the updates/changes:
- !DanceCam will go from 50k to 60k
- !SingCam will go from 30k to 60k
- !WW will go from 60k to 100k
- !Offstream will be temporarily suspended - look for it to come back in the future.
- !CatEars/ !Minnie will go from 10k to 14k
- !WigCam will go from 20k to 28k
- !BeardCam will go from 25k to 28k
- New Command for !DungeonBreakdown for 10k to request an on-stream tutorial for a particular Dungeon on ESO.
- New Command for !BuildBreakdown for 10k to request an on-stream tutorial for a particular Build on ESO.

A note must be made that although the majority of the current on-stream content is geared towards ESO, that is more a reflection of where our community connects and currently engages rather than a channel imperative. tech&junk will grow and evolve in relation to its mission statement: "We laugh. We Scream. We have Fun." Look for continued experimentation and new experiences that complement the ESO-centered streams. 

The schedule for January will be as follows:
Monday | The Elder Scrolls Online
Tuesday | Non-ESO Title
Wednesday | The Elder Scrolls Online
Thursday | Variety (Titles/Content or Both)
Friday | #ESOfollowerFriday

#ESOfollowerFriday has grown to become one of the things I most look forward to, week after week. The #DungeonRequests, coupled with #CraftersCorner,#MolagBallin and now opportunities to bring the community into Trials - Fridays on tech&junk will remain a sight to behold! 
Lastly, look for to be more heavily utilized and to also begin undertaking some necessary changes to make it more functional and user-oriented. More news on this endeavor will follow in the future.

And finally, cheers to you all for an incredible year! 2016 was bombastic and dynamic and you all made it possible! Thank you so much for your support! I hope you've all had a wonderful Holiday and I can't wait to play and connect with you all in the New Year! 2017 here we come!!!