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Community Builds

Featured on the tech&junk livestream - these ESO Builds have been theory-crafted by the community and shared for your enjoyment! 

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The Chaperone | He11onHeels87

The Chaperone has evolved from healing organized and not-so organized groups. It is able to heal any 4-man content in the game, including VDSA. By keeping your resistances up through Channeled Focus and dropping HoTs (Ritual and Rapids) to keep your team healed and Spell Power Cure proc’d, you are able to switch to the Destro Bar and make a sizeable contribution to the group’s DPS. Be sure to hit Entropy to continue to buff your spell damage and begin a weave of light attacks, Crushing Shock, and Reflective Light, making sure to again re-activate Entropy every 20 seconds. Once the HoTs have depleted, rinse and repeat. That said, always be prepared to throw a life-saving heal with Breath of Life! This build relies on recovery to keep its Magicka pool sustained so Breton or High Elf races are best. Use Tri-Stat and Bi-Stat (Max Magicka/Health) food with this build, Tri-Stat for harder content that requires more Stamina for dodge rolling/blocking/break free.

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Paragon | Martyr_Yourself

For those that have been asking for a Magicka-Templar Tank! The idea is a Tank that is capable of taking all of the big hits while keeping yourself and your group alive through the fight. The fabled Tank with heals! Enables 3 DPS + 1 Tank runs for 4-man content. Fire Rune is utilized as a group CC to mitigate Templars having no class alternative. Puncturing Sweeps and Radiant Oppression are effective enough to put out a good bit of damage! Stamina is only used to Taunt / Block / Roll.

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Prime | Martyr_Yourself

This build was created to be able to carry any pickup group through 4-man Dungeon content. The focus is on high damage, emergency healing to save lives, and having the sustain to always be in the fight and not on the sidelines doing heavy attacks. #TemplarMasterClass


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The Heretic | Martyr_Yourself

This build was created to do massive dot DPS while also being able to step up and Tank dungeon content when there is no dedicated Tank. That said, dodging the big hits is key to survival. Keeping dots applied is essential to sustaining DPS while also using Igneous Shield every 20 seconds to keep Minor Brutality active. Swap out 3 Medium for Heavy, for any tough tanking situation. Suggested races are Imperial and Nord for more tankability in addition to Redguard for more sustain.