The Breakdown


The Atronach



Magicka +13

Health +38

Stamina +13


Champion Points


Tumbling +10

Shadow Ward +20

Tenacity +10

Arcanist +60

Mooncalf +27

Warlord +23

Magician +32

Bashing +5



Thaumaturge +37

Melee Weapon Expert +30

Elemental Expert +72

Blessed +48



Expert Defender +10

Quick Recovery +10

Bastion +20

Heavy Armor Focus +27

Hardy +55

Elemental Defender +55

Thick Skinned +10


5 Pariah Set

5 Kagrenacs Set

2 Grothdarr Monster Set

5 Heavy + 1 Medium + 1 Light

Infused, Sturdy, Divines Armor Traits - Defending Swords, Nirnhoned Shields.

Tri-Stat Glyphs on Chest and Shields + Health Glyphs for the rest.

2 Magicka Recovery Glyphs + 1 Stamina Recovery Glyph on the Jewelry.


The Skills

All passive skills from the following:

Aedric Spear

Dawns Wrath

Restoring Light

One Hand and Shield

Light Armor

Medium Armor

Heavy Armor

Soul Magic

Fighters Guild

Magee Guild







Front Bar:

Pierce Armor

Radiant Oppression

Volcanic Rune

Puncturing Sweep

Blazing Shield

Empowering Sweep (Ultimate)


Back Bar:

Ritual of Retribution

Toppling Charge

Breath of Life

Structured Entropy


Aggressive Warhorn (Ultimate)