Gaming Entertainment Group


Twitch Partnership

The tech&junk Twitch Channel is an Official Twitch Partner and as such has enhanced tools to create, monetize and manage content on the livestream. Custom-crafted emotes, Feed Transcoding, Ad-free viewing as well as other benefits are all offered through a newly tiered subscription system within the Twitch Platform.


Discord Partnership

tech&junk is an Official Discord Partner and as such is afforded a personalized Server name, access to robust VIP voice servers as well as access to their Nitro service for larger uploads, animated avatars and emoji usage across all servers. 

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Streamlabs All-Stars

tech&junk is a part of the Streamlabs All-Stars program, allowing for access to free indie game keys, early access to beta features as well as priority access to sponsors. The Streamlabs metric tracking and in-stream alert systems are powerful and invaluable in the day-to-day while streaming.