tech&junk is funded by viewers like you and members of our community. You guys keep the lights on. Thank you to all who contribute or even consider it - it is a dream to be able to create content and hopefully entertain you along the way! To better serve our community, tech&junk offers two, distinctly different subscriptions that offer unique rewards and perks.


Twitch Subscription

The tech&junk Twitch subscription offers more than a dozen exclusive emotes to be used in the Twitch chat as well as Ad-Free viewing, immunity from Slow Mode and the ability earn 50%, 100% and 200% more points (p) to be used in the channel. You're also able to use your Amazon Prime membership to subscribe for free! Click below for more details.


Patreon Subscription

The Patreon tech&junk subscription offers exclusive tech&junk gear and a monthly allowance of points (p) to be used in the channel as well as flexible tiers of membership. Click below for more details.