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The Breakdown


Magicka +64

Mundus Stone:



Champion Points


Magician +75

Arcanist +100

Tumbling +12



Blessed +46

Elfborn +27

Elemental Expert +89

Thaumaturge +25



Light Armor +37

Hardy +60

Elemental Defender +60

Quick Recovery +30

5 Spell Power Cure

5 Kagrenac’s Hope

1 Kena

5 Light + 1 Medium + 1 Heavy

Divines Armor Traits - Defending Restoration Staff + Crusher Enchant / Sharpened Destruction Staff + Weapon Damage Enchant

Health Glyphs on Chest and Legs + Magicka Glyphs for the rest.

3 Spell Damage Glyphs on Jewelry. (Flex with alternate piece with Magicka Recovery Glyph for more challenging content.)


The Skills

All passive skills from the following:

Aedric Spear

Dawn’s Wrath

Restoring Light

Destruction Staff

Restoration Staff

Light Armor

Medium Armor

Heavy Armor

Soul Magic

Fighters Guild

Mages Guild


Racial Passives


Front Bar:

Resto Staff


Ritual of Retribution (Flex: Harness Magicka)

Breath of Life

Channeled Focus

Blazing Spear

Rapid Regeneration (Flex: Repentance, Energy Orb)

Replenishing Barrier


Back Bar:

Destro Staff


Reflective Light

Breath of Life

Structured Entropy

Crushing Shock

Radiant Oppression

Elemental Rage (Flex: Soul Assault)