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The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online is a fantasy MMORPG set in the incredible Elder Scrolls universe, developed by Zenimax Online Studios for PC, XBOX ONE and PS4. At tech&junk this title has been the cornerstone with which the channel was originally built on. It's an incredible title with a depth of play that connects our community in an outstanding way. The platform featured on Twitch is PS4. 

Character Builds

One of the most enjoyable elements of The Elder Scrolls Online is character building and the concept of "Builds". Builds allow players to share stratagems, tips and tricks - in the form of character creation guides that can cover everything from which class you choose, to which gear you wear, to which skills you use!  Below are several builds for the endgame of The Elder Scrolls Online PvE (Player Versus Environment) content. Enjoy!


The Imperious Build

If Deathless is the means to more easily tank all the PVE content in the game, Imperious stands as the tanking-veteran's choice to aggressively dominate that same content. Lead your team to victory with oppressive control of the field of play, constant team buffs to health and damage while managing an outsized stamina pool of 30k. Deathless broke the mold and Imperious buries it. #IMATANK


The Deathless Build

This evolution of the Faceless Build moves towards simplifying some of the more demanding PVE tanking challenges in the game. VDSA, Deathless Runs and even Trials are made more manageable by breaking down the Dragon Knight class to its core and honing its incredible utility and durability. Although you’re no longer granted the flexibility of the Faceless Build’s “any helmet” concept – by committing to Mighty Chudan and freeing up Champion Points for damage mitigation, you will be hard-pressed to find an easier build to Tank the hardest content in the game. #IMATANK


The Asunder Build

The alter ego of the Rend Build – this Stamina Sorcerer takes the approach of massive AOE DPS while remaining constantly up close and in the fray. Constant critical hits will weaken your enemies, heal you and in the case of the Hurricane ability – keep your resistances buffed at all times. 42K-46K Stamina doesn’t hurt either, (Or rather it does!). Where there is Rend, there will always be Asunder.


The Phantom Build

You can’t kill what’s already dead – the Phantom Build is as robust as it is elusive! Embody an apparition that can engage foes head-on and not flinch under incredible pressure while seeming to be in several places at once! Damage mitigation is on full display in tandem with constant evasion on top of hard-capped resistances – you’ll be as hard to hit, as you are to kill.


The Nemesis Build

You are the monster. You’re a vampire, you hit like a truck, can take punishment and you don’t stop until your enemies are dead. You are the enemy. You are Nemesis.


The Fury Build

An endgame, PVE Stamina Sorcerer Tank, that is as hard as a rock and super fun to play. Bring down FURY upon your foes and laugh as they try to make you fall.

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The Rend Build

Rend and rip your enemies apart. Super fun, super fast and super effective - you'll burn through your enemy's defenses and leave them stunned and vulnerable to not only you but your entire team.


The Sovereign Build

The original kings of DPS were always the Sorcerers. Class abilities others could only envy - over time many forgot what Magicka Sorcerers were capable of - or just wrote them off entirely. No more. These kings, these Sovereigns have returned to reclaim what is rightfully theirs - the crown of the OP!


The Titan Build

A sword and board DPS with the flexibility to use several monster sets and step in as the tank for 4-man Dungeon content. The Titan Build combines the customization of Faceless with the ‘always-on’ DPS of Rend. There are two distinct modes to play this build – TANK MODE and DPS MODE. Regardless of which role you play or which monster set you run, you will have a minimum of 4000 Weapon Damage on your Backup Bar. Titans don’t bleed, they conquer – go forth!


The Bane Build

The final iteration of the Bane Build. Make your enemies feel truly outmatched as you combine an ungodly amount of Spell Damage and Magicka Recovery to obliterate all that stand in your way.  Bane is dead, long live Bane.


The Faceless Build

The original tank build - Faceless is an endgame DK tank that can swap out multiple Monster sets to better suit your tanking situation or to work with your existing Monster set inventory. (Not everybody has all Monster sets in the desired trait/weight combinations. This setup will allow you the flexibility to pursue them!)

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The Nephilim Build

Made in opposition to Nemesis - the Nephilim build stands as a bastion of the light. Burn away your enemies with massive DPS, layers of DOTs and debuffs that benefit the whole team. Regardless of Radiant Destruction's downfall, Nephilim will allow Magicka Templars to not only remain competitive but thrive in PVE. The bane of Nemesis - enter Nephilim. 

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The Corruption Build

Absolutely vile and terribly strong, Corruption is to Stamina what Nemesis is to Magicka - monstrous. Let the power overflow, let the Corruption begin! 

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The Ascension Build

Ascension is the embodiment of self-sufficiency and added utility - tank the hardest 4-man content while passively healing the group along the way. Raise your team up, just by doing what you already do - Ascend and conquer! 

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The Wrath Build

Let it all burn as you unleash your wrath upon any enemies foolish enough to cross your path. Stack that flame damage and incinerate the opposition into dust! 

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